The grand 2011 TaeNy ♥ collection

[Taeny Drama] – Time Machine

[FMV] I love you TaeNy Drama

Taeny – Perfect Two (with lyrics and sub)

[FMV] Mission Impossible TaeNy 927 태니 2011

[FMV] Another heaven – 태니 TaeNy 2011

[FMV] Teenage Dream TaeNy 태니 927th 2011

[FMV] Turn on TaeNy 태니 – +18

[FMV] G r a v i t y taeny 태니 2011 927

TaeNy lift me up 2011 Collection Pt. 1

My Universe TaeNy 2011 Collection Pt. 2

Crazy but True TaeNy Collection 2011 Pt. 3

Good as it gets TaeNy 2011 Collection Pt 4

TaeNy are an item 2011 collection Pt. 5

Gotta be you TaeNy 2011 collection Pt. 6

Tell me TaeNy 2011 Collection Pt.7

1000 Years FMV – TaeNy Collection 2011 Pt. 8

With your love TaeNy 2011 collection Pt 9


3 thoughts on “The grand 2011 TaeNy ♥ collection

  1. Anyong thor lam kenal readee baru:-)
    baru nemu wp locksmith juga nich,Uah byk video taeny cuma liat yg pertama dan memang bagus..
    izin liat yg lain ea sama fanficnya juga..

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