All About Girls Generation 소녀 세대

“No matter  how long it takes, it’s something that we’ll do together. After all, it’s my world where we can meet again” – Into The New World.

SNSD’s Member Profil

Stage Name : Kid Leader Taeyeon

Birth Name  : Kim Tae-yeon (김 태 연)

Nick Name   : Taeng, Taenggo, Kid Leader, Byuntaeng ,  Jummataeng

Position        : Leader & Main Vocalist

DOB                 : March 9, 1989

Zodiac            : Pisces

Blood Type   : O

Sibling (s)      : 1 kakak ( Kim Ji-woong), 1 adik ( Kim Ha-yeon)

Casted             : 2004 SM 8th Annual Best Contest (Best singer 1st place)

Training duration : 3 Tahun 3 Bulan

School             : Jeonju Art High School ( 전주 예술 고등학교 )  


“I want to keep on doing Girl’s Generation forever. Please let me do so. I don’t think SNSD as a group will every be broken apart…. even after many years have gone by.. Even after we have married. I don’t think it’ll be broken apart. Even if we do our own individual activities, our group as a whole won’t be broken apart.” -Kim Taeyeon-  






Stage Name     : Ice Princess Jessica

Birth Name      : Jessica Jung (제시카 정)

Korean Name  : Jung Soo-yeon (정 자 연)

Nick Name        : Sica, Jessi, Jess, Sergeant Sic, Sica-sama, Blonde Sica

Position             : Main Vocalist

DOB                     : April 18, 1989

Zodiac                : Aries

Blood Type       : B

Sibling (s)         : 1 Adik ( Krystal Jung )

Casted                 : 2000 SM Casting System

Training Duration : 7 tahun 6 bulan

School                 : Korea Kent Foreign School ( K.K.F.S )


“I wish SNSD way down can be more beautiful than anyone else’s and that we will enjoy what we have right now. I wish we would all do things with a positive mind.” -Jessica Jung-








Stage Name     : Energy Pills Sunny

Birth Name      : Lee Soon-kyu

Nick Name       : Soonkyu, Ssun, Sunny Bunny, Aegyo Queen, Danshin

Blood Type      : B

DOB                     : May 15, 1989

Zodiac                : Taurus

Sibling (s)          : 2 Older Sisters ( Lee Eun-kyu, Lee Jun-kyu )

Position             : Lead Vocalist

Casted                 : 2007 SM Casting System

Training Duration : 9 Months ( Previously Trained For 5 Years In Another


School                  : Baehwa Girl’s High School  


“We will show you a SNSD that works even harder in the future. We will try hard to deserve even more love in the future as well.” -Lee Soonkyu-







Stage Name     : Brighter Than Jewels Tiffany

Birth Name      : Stephanie Hwang ( 스테파니 황 )

Korean Name  : Hwang Mi-young ( 황 미 젊은 )

Nick Name        : Fany, DdilFany, Mushroom, Manager Hwang, Eye Smile Position             : Lead Vocalist

DOB                      : August 1, 1989

Zodiac                 : Leo

Blood Type        : O

Sibling (s)           : 1 Older Sister ( Michelle Hwang ) 1 Older Brother ( Leo Hwang ) Casted                  : 2004 SM casting System CJ/KMTV (USA-LA) 1st Place Training Duration : 3 years 7 months

School                  : Korea Kent Foreign School ( K.K.F.S )  

“It wasn’t actually like it has to be 9 girls. it was actually about like 9 different girls that are ex. Tremely talented and all very, very like good in their own special way or specialties” -Tiffany Hwang-









Stage Name     : Dancing Queen Hyoyeon

Birth Name      : Kim Hyo-yeon

Nick Name       : Hyoraengi, Kim-choding, Kim Yeosal, Fiona

Position            : Main Dancer

DOB                    : September 22, 1989

Zodiac              : Virgo Blood Type    : AB

Sibling (s)      : 1 younger brother ( Kim Min-goo )

Casted            : 2000 SM Casting System

Training Duration : 6 years 1 month

School            : Cina Beijing Language Courses  

“Every singel member is so precious to me and like family to me. I may joke around with them a lot but I can’t talk seri-inside, I really do think of you so much and I want you all to know that” -Kim Hyoyeon-






Stage Name     : Black Pearl Yuri

Birth Name      : Kwon Yu-ri ( 권 유 리 )

Nick Name       : Yul, Kkab-yul, Kwon Seobang, Kwon Banjang, Yul Abs

Position            : 2nd Main Dancer

DOB                     : December 5, 1989

Zodiac                : Sagitarius

Blood Type       : AB

Sibling (s)          : 1 older brother ( Kwon Hyuk-jun )

Casted                 : 2001 SM 1st Annual Youth Best Contest (best dance 2nd place) Training Duration : 5 years 11 months

School                 : ChungAng University  


“I think it thanks to all the loving fans over anything else. This is not a day for us to be congratulated but a day for us to congratulate the fans. We can shine brightest as SNSD when SNSD stand one one stage as nine” -Kwon Yuri-







Stage Name     : Lively Princess Sooyoung

Birth Name      : Choi Soo-young ( 최 수영 )

Nick Name       : Shik shin, NaSoo, Dj Sooyoung

Position            : Lead Dancer

DOB                     : February 10, 1990

Zodiac                : O

Sibling (s)          : 1 older sister ( Choi Soo-jin )

Casted                 : 2000 SM Open auditon | 2002 korea japan ultra idol ( duo ) Training Duration : 6 years 3 months

School                 : ChungAng University  


“When I was there. I took the underground trains. When we arrive at the airport, there are cars waiting for us. So when I went this time, I felt humbled. What I couldn’t do alone then has become possible because I’m together with these eight. They all became even more precious to me.” -Choi Sooyoung-






Stage Name     : Charming Girl Yoona

Birth Name      : Im Yoon-a ( 임 윤아 )

Nick Name       :  Yoong, Deer Yoona, Saebyuk, Alligator Yoong

Position            : Lead Dancer

DOB                     : May 30, 1990

Zodiac               : Gemini

Blood Type      : B

Sibling (s)         : one older sister

Casted                : 2002 SM Saturday Open Casting Audition

Training Duration : 7 years 2 months

School                : Dongguk University  


“I mean we can’t be promoting as SNSD until we are ahjummas. However, like Shinwa sunbaenims, even when every one is focusing on their individual activities, I would like for us to get together and hold a concert or relase albums. I want SNSD to be like that!.” -Im Yoona-






Stage Name     : Maknae Seohyun

Birth Name      : Seo Joo-hyun ( 서 주 현 )

Nick Name       : Maknae, Seororo, Hyun, Joohyun

Position            : Lead Vocalist

DOB                    : June 28, 1991

Zodiac               : Cancer

Blood Type      : A

Sibling (s)         : None

Casted                : 2003 SM Casting System

Training Duration : 6 years 6 months

School                : Dongguk University  


“I truly have nothing but gratitude for my unnies. I’m just so thankful and I really can’t say anything other than just thank you. Taeyeon unnie, Jessica unnie, Sunny unnie, Tiffany unnie, Hyoyeon unnie, Yuri unnie, Sooyoung unnie, Yoona unnie, thank you so much and I love you all!” -Seo Joo-hun-



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